Like everything in life you have to start somewhere. In the case of domains and blogs, I started when I was very young without having any salary, so I was looking for ways to blog at no cost. If you are in this situation where you want to get a domain but without paying the registration price required by the different extensions, it is your lucky day, I will show you how you can get one without paying a cent.

Everyone knows the .com, .net and .org extensions, but there are hundreds of extensions on the market as you can see in TLDS. Some of them are even offered for free to try to promote them and get people to start using them.

On the website we can register domains with the extensions:,,, and If you don’t like these extensions, since they are complicated to remember, let’s see another website with simpler extensions.

The other website is On this website you can register domains with the extensions .tk, .ml, .ga, .cf, .gq. As you will see, these options are better than the previous ones thanks to the reduced number of characters and their similarity to other official paid extensions.

Disadvantages of free domains

The main disadvantage of acquiring a free domain is that, like you, there are thousands of people who have also acquired one, or more. That’s what something has to be free, that it runs out. So you probably won’t find any free good words.

Another drawback is that if your idea is to develop a legitimate website, no one will take you seriously with a domain that is worth nothing.

Finally, cybercriminals use many of these services to commit crimes because they don’t have to spend a single cent, which is why these extensions are riddled with spam.

Reasons to use a free domain

The only reason I see for acquiring a free domain is to try things out. If you are starting, you can get one of these domains with free hosting and carry out tests and learn how to develop a website.

But if your intention is not criminal, these domains are not recommended at all (we do not recommend carrying out criminal actions).

If you have questions or want us to help you develop a website, you can contact us at

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