.app Summary

The .app domain extension is a top-level domain (TLD) in the Internet’s Domain Name System, introduced by Google in 2015. It is specifically tailored for use by app developers and related audiences. One of its distinctive features is its requirement for HTTPS encryption, enhancing security against ad malware and tracking abuse. This TLD has gained popularity among developers and businesses seeking to promote their apps effectively online.

.app Facts

Launched by Google in May 2018, the .app domain extension is relatively new but has quickly become integral to the digital landscape. It is uniquely designed to provide a secure online space for app developers, being the first TLD to enforce HTTPS for all websites. This emphasis on security makes it a preferred choice among developers. As of October 2021, there are over 460,000 registered .app domains worldwide, underscoring its growing adoption.

.app Benefits

Having a .app domain instantly signals to visitors that your focus is on app development or distribution, potentially increasing click-through rates and engagement from interested parties. Search engines often prioritize .app domains related to apps, leading to enhanced organic traffic. Moreover, backed by Google, the .app extension ensures robust DNS infrastructure and mandatory HTTPS encryption, ensuring visitors’ data security and bolstering site reliability.

.app Uses

Primarily used by businesses and individuals involved in app development, the .app domain allows developers to showcase their apps in a dedicated and recognizable domain space. Businesses can utilize .app domains to create focused platforms for specific apps or portfolios, enhancing their digital presence. Individuals, such as freelance app developers or app industry journalists, can also use .app domains for personal portfolios or professional blogs. The HTTPS-only requirement further ensures a secure environment for app downloads and online transactions.

.app Frequently Asked Questions

What is a .app domain name?

A .app domain name is a top-level domain (TLD) in the Internet’s Domain Name System, introduced by Google in 2018. It is specifically designed for mobile and web app developers, providing a secure space for showcasing their apps. Websites using the .app domain are required to have a secure HTTPS connection, as it is included in the HSTS preload list, ensuring enhanced security for users.

Why should i use a .app extension?

Using a .app domain name extension reinforces that your website is focused on apps, whether it’s for downloading your mobile application, offering user support, or sharing app updates. It improves SEO for searches related to apps. Moreover, .app is a secure namespace requiring HTTPS for all connections, offering additional protection against ad malware and tracking injections.

Who can buy a . domain name?

Any individual or business can purchase a .app domain name, which was made available by Google in 2018. However, websites using this domain must support HTTPS to ensure a secure connection.

Where can i buy a .app domain name?

You can buy a .app domain name from any of the registrars listed on Registrars page.

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