.au Summary

The .au domain extension is Australia’s internet country code, established in 1986. Managed by .au Domain Administration (auDA), it is primarily used by Australian entities including businesses, organizations, and individuals. Various second-level domains such as .com.au for commercial entities, .org.au for non-profits, and .edu.au for educational institutions exist under .au.

.au Facts

The .au domain extension serves as Australia’s country code top-level domain (ccTLD), managed by auDA since its inception in 1986. Registration for a .au domain requires a strong connection to Australia, which can be demonstrated through citizenship, residency, or a registered Australian trademark. Direct registration of second-level domains like .com.au or .net.au is not permitted; domains must be registered as third-level under these categories. Changes introduced in 2018 may allow for second-level domain registrations in the future.

.au Benefits

Owning a .au domain name offers several advantages. It establishes your brand as distinctly Australian, enhancing local recognition and credibility. This regional association fosters trust among Australian users, who may feel more secure interacting with local businesses online. Additionally, having a .au domain can improve SEO performance within Australia, making it easier for local customers to discover your website. The stringent registration requirements also help deter cyber squatters, protecting your brand identity.

.au Uses

The .au domain extension is widely used by businesses and individuals in or targeting Australia. Businesses leverage .au domains to showcase their local identity and cater specifically to Australian customers, boosting customer trust and engagement. Individuals may use .au domains for personal blogs or websites, targeting Australian audiences with content relevant to local interests and issues. Overall, the .au domain extension plays a crucial role in establishing a strong online presence associated with Australia, ensuring visibility and relevance in local search results.

.au Frequently Asked Questions

What is a .au domain name?

A .au domain name is Australia’s country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the Internet. It is utilized by individuals, businesses, and organizations located in Australia. The management and governance of .au domains are supervised by .au Domain Administration (auDA).

Why should i use a .au extension?

Using a .au domain name extension can bolster your website’s credibility in Australia by demonstrating your affiliation with the local community. Websites with .au extensions may also receive higher search engine rankings within the country, as local users often prioritize and trust these domains. This extension is particularly advantageous for businesses aiming to attract Australian customers or entities keen on emphasizing their presence in Australia.

Who can buy a .au domain name?

To buy a .au domain name, the purchaser must either be an Australian registered company or a business with a registered business number (ABN, ACN, RBN). However, foreign organizations and individuals with a strong connection to Australia, such as the owner of an Australian trademark, are also eligible to purchase a .au domain name. It’s important to note that .au domains are typically used for commercial purposes and must directly relate to the commercial activity specified in the domain registration.

Where can i buy a .au domain name?

You can buy a . domain name from any of the registrars listed on Registrars page.

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